About Flarrs

As well as being a busy mum of three (very typical!) little boys, Northern Ireland native Laura-Ann is obsessed with all things floral. She set up FLARRS out of a love of having comfy-but-chic clothing that can be worn nearly anywhere, and obviously it had to be flower-inspired...

Where does the name come from? Well, with a Northern Irish accent the word flower sounds just like flarr - it rhymes with star! 



Flora | Blue trimmed FLARRS fleece with Liberty Fabric pocket



The FLARRS fleece 🌸

FLARRS fleeces are designed for comfort, but comfortable doesn't have to mean badly-dressed! These gorgeously cosy, plain-coloured cotton lined jackets are meant to be worn with anything and for each person wearing one to feel smart at the same time.

The borg fleece fabric has a raised pile so it's as soft as a teddy bear, but what makes them special is the elegant Liberty print pocket. Carefully designed and tested by Laura-Ann herself, she wanted to make absolutely sure they were perfect before she launched FLARRS. These snuggly fleeces are the product of a year's worth of devotion and love - and we're sure you'll love yours so much you'll never take it off!

The FLARRS shirt 🌸

The Flarrs shirts are borne out of the same principle - relaxed doesn't have to be boring - or any less chic! A linen shirt has ever been a staple of Laura-Ann's spring/summer wardrobe, but then she got to thinking...what would make it cute? A Liberty Print pocket, obviously. What could make it even cuter? Liberty print trim and a ruffled sleeve! Have a look and see what you think! These shirts are available in a very limited run, so grab quick. 

 Tana Lawn Cotton from Liberty Fabrics


Liberty Fabrics

Liberty Fabrics are world-renowned for not only textile quality but also their iconic prints, exclusive only to the brand itself. The distinctive patterns from Liberty Fabrics' Tana Lawn™ Collection elevate each cosy jacket into something special to make every wearer feel smart and stylish. 


 Tana Lawn Cotton from Liberty Fabrics

Cosy and Stylish fleece jackets with a Liberty Fabrics print pocket

Chic & comfy

A new dress code. Flarrs clothing with Liberty print pocket.